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Eddie Vedder. Film. Travelling. A good cuppa. Steak&cheese. Males with long hair. Fry ups. Leopard Print. JD+coke. Bubblebaths. Noodles. Tights. My cat/cats in general. Lingerie. Literature.Gigs. People who are completely themselves no matter how fucked up or crazy. Kitchen dance parties. Late night writing.Vinyl.Sleeping next to my gorgeous boyfriend. Accents. Candle light. Laughing till my stomach hurts. Beer n' burger dates. Learning new things. Staying in bed all day. My best friend and my family <3


really in the mood for receiving $50,000,000

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she’s not perfect;
but when we’re lying down
on our bed
and she fits my limbs
so easily
when she’s dragging her lips
on my neck
even in her sleep
i guess i’m allowed to boast
that she’s pretty
damn close
If everybody likes you, you’re pretty dull.


if u can do liquid eyeliner u can do anything

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Alrigggggggggggggggggghty then.

Honestly, why do I even bother? It gets me nowhere. 

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infinite-harmoony said: I dont even stalk your tumblr shut up.

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